My Philosophy

My Philosophy

Has an accredited psychotherapist (MBACP). I enjoyed a very successful private counselling and therapeutic practice for over ten years. Exploring the interface between Psychology and Spirituality shaped the way in which I approached my life and work.I honoured "symptoms as a voice of the soul". Work with my clients was as an expression of the sacred. From my point of view spiritual growth is fundamentally moving toward 'compassion for self'. For me this is perfectly consistent with goals couched in therapeutic terms, like unconditional self acceptance and empathy.

Alongside my psychotherapeutic work I also have more than 15 years experience as a non-denominational Chaplain/Counsellor within Palliative Care and Hospice settings. I have conducted funeral services, weddings and many other significant ceremonies for people who are nearing death and also want to live life to the full. Life can become very precarious when faced with a life threatening disease. To simply BE with another human being as they negotiate their own pathway through to this final Trasna (Gaelic translation meaning "crossing place") is profound. Many years ago I read, 'Idea of the Holy' by Rudolph Otto the German Theologian. I do not purport to have understood his writing. However, I do remember these words,

"mysterium tremendum et fascinans."

It has been described as "the intense feeling of unknowingly knowing that there is something which cannot be seen". This knowing has befallen me many times in the presence of death. I would better describe my work as a 'Midwife' whose task it was, was to stay calm, quiet, steadfast and present.

The dying have been my greatest Teachers and I feel a deep gratitude to them for their lessons about truth, compassion, vulnerability and courage. To be human in the face of death humbles me to be all I can be in this lifetime.

I have facilitated many retreats and I am well known throughout Northern Ireland for my particular emphasis on creating a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals and groups can come to explore and rediscover their own Spiritual Nature.

I also hold a diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy (ITEC). In 2009 I enjoyed working at the world renowned golf resort The Farm Cape Kidnappers here in the Hawkes Bay. I still enjoy offering holistic massage treatments and details can be found on

Service underpins my spiritual ethos and I shall endeavour to deepen my own Turangawaewae (place to stand) whilst I accompany people from all walks of life in real-estate to find again their Turangawaewae (foundation, place in the world, home). I have come to appreciate that in life the small piece of ground on which I stand is indeed 'holy'. This is also true of the conversations that we have and I endeavour to enter into both the authentic and courageous conversations that support both myself and the other to live within our full human potential in the world.

"You cannot transform what you cannot bless"