What I can offer

Facilitating Reflection Days, Retreats or Labyrinth Journeys

There are a number of possibilities on how a retreat can take place. Maybe you have an established Retreat Centre and would like to invite me as a guest facilitator to lead a retreat, or guide a group using a labyrinth as a personal development process. A labyrinth may be created by the group as part of this process so you do not need to have one already established.

Or you know of a number of people or organisation that would appreciate quality time out of their work environment to reflect and envision a more creative and dynamic approach to achieving the very best in your working environment, tapping into your own interior resources in a creative and non-judgemental setting that will increase staff morale and bring a renewed focus to team and organisation life and well being..

If you are interested in hearing more about my work, or the retreats that I offer, please contact me to establish when I would be available for the dates you are considering. All costs must be met by the group and, apart from reimbursing my travel costs, any remaining monies must be donated to a charitable organisation. This can be agreed by the host.

Who is this for?

  • Community Groups
  • Women's Groups
  • Therapeutic Organisations & Retreat Centres

Refection Days for Carers and Care Workers

It has been well documented that carers and care workers are amongst the largest group of professionals that encounter high levels of stress and burnout resulting in mental, physical, and spiritual fatigue. The opportunity therefore to take time out from the work environment to reflect and recreate is a vital contribution to ensuring that carers do not suffer at the cost of caring. These days are experimental and will take the form of circle time, personal refection time, and creative expression. The aim will be to guide participants in ways of releasing stress, discovering how you can better listen and become more aware of your own needs, and adopting new strategies for taking care of yourself. The philosophy that underpins these days is to create an opportunity where you can nourish your body, mind, and spirit in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Labyrinth of a Woman's Life

These days will unfold as we gather in shared silence and honest communication of ourselves, becoming open to the flow of the earth through our bodies, through our hearts and our collective wisdom. By releasing the critical mind and the associated limiting structures we will lovingly allow each other to release emotional energy and transform that energy into deeper nourishment and healing for the whole circle of women gathered.

Each retreat has its own unique movement and rhythm, enhanced by music and media for creative expression, including art materials, clay and fabric. Resting the mind and physical body are also valuable gifts to the self and everything around us on retreat - the elements, the food, the ambience and setting, offer themselves in abundance as important contributors to the experience.

Presenting at Conferences, Workshops and Forums

Some areas of personal interest that I have presented on:

  • Optimising your potential and tapping into your own body wisdom and resources
  • Labyrinth as a metaphor for Life Death Transition 'Walking in Sacred Space'
  • A conscious approach to Grief and Loss 'speaking the unspoken'.
  • Death: A Rite of Passage - supporting the dying through consciousness of death and letting go'.
  • Managing Stress and Burnout Fatigue in Oncology Nursing and Palliative Care.

Labyrinth design, creator and facilitator

Labyrinths are increasingly used in the home, workplace and community. If you would like the opportunity to consider creating a labyrinth I would be delighted to meet you to explore the possibilities for building your own unique feature.

Contact me for more information