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The Journey

Since my husband, Eolath, died in July 2005, my life has undergone profound change. The loss of a life partner changes us. Having had the courage to stay open to the heartbreak I was also able to stay open to healing through grief and renewal of life aspirations. Our shared life had always been lived by the premise of supporting and encouraging the spiritual growth and maturity of each other. We very much lived through the simple prayer of Collumcile,

"Reserve for each other a Sincere Charity and Peace."

One of the last major projects myself and Eolath created together was a 50 foot labyrinth. On completion, it felt like it had always been there and that we were simply the restorers of this wonderful archetypal symbol that naturally draws us to our own deepest centre and place of grounding within. The labyrinth can be a profoundly moving experience. Its twists and turns give us a walking meditation and a metaphor for our lives and when we walk into this non-linear path we experience another way of seeing things and gaining a new perspective on our life's journey.

It was while walking in the labyrinth about a year into my time of mourning that I asked myself "What is now holding me in this physical place where I and Eolath had lived and worked together until his death". The answer came, "only emotional attachment". Our home, and even the physical structure of the labyrinth, had been the container for living our life's aspirations which had been rooted in supporting each other's spiritual growth and maturity. With this crystal clear insight I was able to begin asking myself "What would now support and nurture my own spiritual growth". It was clear that I needed to begin my own leave taking from what had been a joint spiritual vision for our life and work together. Not only was there the loss of a life partner but also the loss of the dream we lived. From a place of deep self compassion and courage I have in the words of Dag Hammarskjöld chosen to say

"For all that has been Thanks, For all that shall be Yes."

So, as the labyrinth suggests the inward and outward journey brings us to a new TRASNA (Crossing place). Since leaving Northern Ireland in 2006 I travelled extensively through Africa, Malaysia, and Australia. Residing now in New Zealand and living in the Hawke’s Bay since March, 2008.

In 2010 I travelled again this time to celebrate my 50th Birthday with my twin sister, Jean who lives with her partner Jo in Northern Ireland. Afterwards visiting with family in the UK I sojourned through Cuba, Peru, Chile, Easter Island, and Tahiti. If you would like to read more of my experiences and the outstanding beauty I encountered in so many different traditions, cultures and peoples please take a look at my journal page and gallery on this website.