St Isaac's Retreat House Opononi

St Isaac's Retreat Centre Opnononi

Welcome to St Isaac’s St Isaac’s Retreat house was founded in 1974 by Rev Clementina Gordon and was established in 1982 as an ecumenical Christian Trust. Clem was inspired by the writing and teaching of St Isaac of Syria, who lived in the 7th century. He was a hermit and a profound theologian of prayer. Some of his writings may be found in the library. When Clem’s health began to fail, the Sisters of the Love of God (SLG), an Anglican Contemplative Community in Oxford, UK, were invited to live, work and worship here. The Sisters returned to the UK in 2006. Since then Sr. Anne SLG has served as warden, followed by Steve and Andrea Leadbetter, Rev Eru and Eliza Wright and Revs Oenone Woodhams and Anne Priestley. The current Warden/Kaitiaki is Maranu Gascoigne. St. Isaac’s is primarily a place of prayer. Morning and Evening prayer are said daily in the chapel and you are welcome to join us. It is a place of quiet, because it is in silence that we believe we can most easily hear God speaking in the depth of us, and that is prayer. On the property you will find a number of places to pause and be found by God. There is a walk through the bush; and a walk through the pine trees beyond the Guest House with the Stations of the Cross. A booklet of meditations and prayers for the Stations is included in this folder. We hope you enjoy your stay. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.
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