Therapeutic Massage...

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts known to humankind. In a climate where FAST is the norm.

A regular massage supports you to tap into your own natural bodily rhythms, SLOW DOWN which in turn is proven to be benificial, decreasing many of these symptoms, ensuring that you live a more stress free, focused, energised, alert and mindful way of life.

Massage gives us the opportunity to Venturewithin, enabling the subtle energies within the body to re-balance their natural rhythm which is the key to self-nurturing, wellness, longevity and body/soul.

If you would like to have a massage then please send make contact by the enquiry form. The cost of this services is $50 - $70 dependend on resources in some situations a koha is acceptable.

Toni Marie Palmertree "Maranu is a highly trained and intuitive massage therapist. I wish I could take her with me wherever I go. As an opera singer, I rely on regular massage therapy to ease muscle tension and combat stress. Just by observing my singing, Maranu was able to identify where I hold tension and targeted those areas in my session. Her work allowed me to successfully keep a very demanding performance schedule. I'm grateful for her talent and would honestly say that she is one of the best therapists I have encountered”.
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