End of life doula

With more that 20 years experience of companying the dying and supporting the bereaved I offer a non-medical, holistic and supportive companying service.
Are you facing a major crossroads in your life?
Have been diagnosed with a terminal illness?
Are you supporting someone through a life crisis?

Would you like to know more about a service that provides practical and emotional support, guidance, planning and/or advocacy?

So, this very particular role—the end-of-life doula—is a beautiful bridge to all the excellent care we already have. And, the doula role at this time of life is one of guidance, witness, compassionate being, presence, and expert end of life support.

I have conducted funeral services, weddings and many other significant ceremonies for people who are nearing death and also want to live life to the full.
Life can become very precarious when faced with a life threatening disease.

To simply BE with another human being as they negotiate their own pathway through to this final Trasna (Gaelic translation meaning "crossing place") is profound.

Many years ago I read, 'Idea of the Holy' by Rudolph Otto the German Theologian. I do not purport to have understood his writing. However, I do remember these words,
"mysterium tremendum et fascinans."

It has been described as "the intense feeling of unknowingly knowing that there is something which cannot be seen".

This knowing has befallen me many times in the presence of death and life. I would better describe my work as a 'Midwife' whose task it is to stay calm, quiet, steadfast and present.

The dying have been my greatest Teachers and I feel a deep gratitude to them for their lessons about truth, compassion, vulnerability and courage.
To be human in the face of death humbles me to be all I can be in this lifetime.

We've become accustomed to birth doulas and now there is a growing awareness for how we accompany the dying and their loved ones with compassion, awareness and practical tips as we approach the end of life. 

Please do contact me for an initial conversation, there is no charge.
"Here is an obvious fact that becomes quite startling if you think about it long enough. Barring a major technological advance or a divine miracle, all six and a half billion people now living on the planet will be dead in one hundred and twenty five years if not sooner. And each death will be a personal drama with its own emotions, its own web of social connections (or lack thereof) and its own unique story". Thomas Armstrong.

Dont wait until you are dying to talk about death, make it part of your living for yourself, your family and future generations.

Comments from Patrick Dingemans. ‘ Fortuitously the day Cherry died, our daughter Sophie, in Vienna, contacted Maranu to say that Cherry was in hospital. Maranu came to the hospital and as Cherry’s condition deteriorated, Maranu was able to explain to me what was happening. After Cherry died Maranu and I spoke for about three hours sitting with Cherry, whilst I held her arm. It was a special time and I will be for ever grateful for the company and wisdom that Maranu gave and shared with me during that time.’ Love, Patrick.

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