A little more about me...

I have been living in New Zealand for the past 12 years. Coming from Northern Ireland and being born in Staffordshire England.

Customer care is where I have employed my services throughout my working life - Nurse, Chaplain, Psychotherapist, Facilitator. I was a Religous sister for 7 years (Anglican Fransciscan order).

I have known the depths of my own grief journey through the loss of parents, husband and dear friends.

I have travelled extensively and have learnt that embracing diversity and finding a place of heart felt generosity is what brings life and fulfilment.

Whilst I spend some of my time working as a Realestate Consultant I gift time to individuals who are seeking support at times of crossroads in their lives. This can be of a physical , emotional, psychological or spiritual nature.

I am deeply committed to a rhythm that supports both my acitive particiapiton in the world and also my enduring faith as a contemplative/solitary. Grounded in a simple daily practise that holds time for prayer, intercession and contemplation at its heart.

I am a keen hiker and take time out each year for bush walking. I enjoy being part of the Napier Civic Choir under the directorship of Jose Aparicio. I also enjoy having a particular theme around which I read and study.

This year I am exploring 21 century anchorites and how the contemplative way of life speaks in and to our world.

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