Welcome to Venture Within

Welcome to Venture Within

Hello and Welcome to my website. My name is Maranú Gascoigne, the name Maranú comes from the old 'Celtic tradition. It is my spiritual name meaning ‘one, who nurtures the dry lands, who watches at the well".

To venture within is an awesome task that demands I take my life in my own hands. That I take responsibility for what I create and I create what I need. This is the 4th major re-write of my website since it was launched in 2006, and so, as my life changes and I embrace the here and now I choose to use these pages to mirror and reflect my own life's journeying.

In this re-write I want to explore the wonderment of transmutation. Outside I have a swan plant, at this time of the year it teems with caterpillars all moving in one direction that moment when they pupate into a chrysalis for a season and then re-emerge a winged life.

My own journey has metamorphosed and now having just celebrated my 50th year I can claim to have enjoyed a variety of careers from nursing, religious life, chaplaincy & counsellor in two hospices in Northern Ireland, psychotherapist with a busy private practice, facilitator working in both organisational and group processes, labyrinth designer, organic gardener, and more recently I have chosen to embark on a career in real-estate.

This would seem most unusual at one level and yet I believe that clarity and compassion are what supports ethical businesses. What better place than real-estate to demonstrate these most sought after human qualities? After all whatever our profession or work we are essentially all ‘salespeople’ engaged in selling a service for which we seek financial remuneration as part of our job satisfaction. I feel very privileged to be a member of the Cox Partners Estate Agents in Napier, Hawkes Bay www.coxpartners.co.nz Malcolm Cox can best be described as a, ‘salt of the earth’ kind of guy. I feel most privileged to be involved with a company that has always been inspired by a vision of ‘excellence and fosters client loyalty.

As I began my New Year I walked the labyrinth at Trelinnoe www.trelinnoepark.co.nz one of New Zealand’s finest woodland gardens. I am humbled in knowing that the ground on which I walk is constantly being renewed; is a profound source of nutrition and is by its very nature an analogy for how we may choose to offer ourselves in the service of others and our environment and how we can embark on a more sustainable future.

"Holy is the ground on which I walk" Aerial View of the Labyrinth
In this ebb and flow of life the labyrinth continues to be a central metaphor for my inner and outer grounding that is held dynamically in the breathe – rua – spirit.

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